Welcome to Koze Rewards!

What is Koze Rewards? 

Koze Rewards is our way of thanking you all for your continued small business support. We love our customers, seriously we REALLY appreciate it! Go get those Koins! To earn and access your Koze Rewards account click the black and white star at the bottom left corner of your device screen. Please create an account or login to earn/redeem Koze Rewards! 

How to get them Koze Koins:

How to Kash Out those Koze Koins:

Ways to redeem
$10 off coupon
1000 Koze Koins
30% off coupon
3000 Koze Koins

Order discount
100 Koze Koins = $1
 For example:

1000 Koins(points) can be redeemed for any 4 oz candle!($9.50 value!)
with a remainder of 50 points left in your Koze Rewards Account

AKA for it simply being your birthday, you basically can get any free gift(priced under $10) on our website! Happy B-Day to you! Have you tried our "Happy Birthday" cake candle? Smells just like the real thing with less calories!

Other ways to spread the Koze love:

Koze Referrals
Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase!

They get
$7 off coupon

You get
$20 off coupon

It's a win/win for friends, family and yourself! Thanks again for participating in our Koze Rewards and Koze Referral Programs

By participating in Koze Rewards**, you're agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • You must have an account to earn/redeem Koze Koins via Koze Rewards
  • Koin (point) value may be subject to change with appropriate notice to all patrons
  • We reserve the right to NOT honour your Koze Rewards if we suspect any suspicious or malicious activity such as trickery, hacking or the like
  • Koze Rewards will not expire
  • If there are any discrepancies in Koze Koin distribution or redemption, please provide a receipt or screenshot as proof and we will manually apply points
  • Koze Rewards are only earned, distributed and redeemable online on www.KozeKandles.ca throughout the whole website on all products unless otherwise specified
  • Koze Rewards will be applicable during all sales and promotions on our website, unless otherwise specified
  • Koze Rewards can be used towards any checkout total which includes shipping( if applicable) 
  • Koze Referral discount codes and money off will be emailed or uploaded to your account once all applicable actions are fully complete

** Koze Koins/Koze Rewards/Points are the synonymous and interchangeable
** Koze Rewards is the name of our rewards program, as apart of this program you earn/redeem "Koze Koins"