Toronto candles KozeKandles Markham handpoured black-owned business

Learn about the hand pouring KozeKandles owners! We are KRAZY about Kandles

It was love at first light... for Andrew, Marisa and candles! Every chance we had we would light a store bought candle. One day Andrew was Googling the potential health effects candle chemicals can have (He's a Personal Trainer by day- so this is important to him) and was astonished to find out the health complications related to chemicals in regular paraffin candles. THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY! (we are also shark tank fanatics)  - we thought. So one quarantine night we researched better alternatives and learned all things Coconut-Soy candles! 

Fast-forward a few weeks later, we decided to take the plunge together and take a course on making candles, initially just for our own enjoyment. After learning about all the details and special care each hand-poured candle takes, we decided to do it to share with the rest of our Canadian friends! Together we learned how to start up a business, choosing primarily local manufacturers and enter into the wicked world of Hand Poured Candle-Making. Before it was just a candle, now it's a Kandle!

After making candles for sometime, we have also decided the expand the brand with car diffusers, reed diffusers, dryer balls, room sprays and working on releasing other scented goods!

Brand Mission: We value providing our customers with scented home goods at attainable prices without compromising quality

Thank you for choosing to stay koze with KozeKandles and joining us on our scented journey!

- Andrew, Marisa @ KozeKandles